Just Good Meat. No Junk.

Parker Ranches
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Don't believe us? Then hear from our Good Meat Junkies....

Stephanie - Houston, TX

We've been purchasing our meat exclusively from 529meats for 5 years now. It's truly the best meat on the planet. Our friends and family rave about it, even if it's simple burgers.  Plus, we're confident that we're making a healthy food choice since the meat is responsibly raised and grass-fed. It's scary to think that so many families eat foods that are toxic because of the added hormones, steroids etc. We're tickled to have such a resource that cares about food quality as much as we do. Thank you 529meats! You guys are amazing!

Javier - San Antonio, TX

First of all let me say that the meat is great! Whenever I have had an opportunity to purchase meat from Misty I’ve taken advantage of the offer and bought in bulk. The meat tastes great and would highly recommend it over other store bought meat.

David - New Braunfels, TX I have known Roger and Misty for over ten years, and they are not only a great family but a great cattle family.  If your looking for something different, try 529 Meats jerky and sausage sticks.  Some of the best smoked jerky and sausage sticks I have ever had.  My sons and I cannot open a bag without eating it all.